Spell to break up a couple

Want to get powerful spell to break up a couple from experienced astrologer who have the specialization in all astrology services! You are at right place. We at Love Astrologer India have the team of professional baba ji who are experts in astrology services such as vashikaran, black magic, spells, mantras etc.

Your lover whom you loves the most, has left you due to any reason such as attraction towards other man or women, then our spell to break up a couple is required. These black magic spells have the unlimited power and by using it, you can destroy any person who is your enemy or controlling your lover.

To cast this effective spell you need to get black candle in your left hand, picture of couple and close your eyes and keep on recalling the couple whose split you want. Keep focus on your energies and drops the wax onto the photo. On this wax just add some black salt and pepper, ensure to create line of separation of photo of the couple with these ingredients while chanting the spell “Vighan prem prekhsya, Dosha vare vare vighan vahan aham”. Now bury the photo at some isolated place, you will get the fruitful outcome within three days of completing the process.

Make a couple break up spell

If you want to breakup any couple to break the relationship between two lovers of a couple then, don’t forget to make a couple break up spell at LoveAstrologerIndia.com. There spells are really powerful processes that never fails to work. Our break up spells has various uses in daily life troubles.

If you are feeling that your partner has been involved in a relationship with someone else or other person, make a couple break up spell chanting on him. Our spell caster removes or destroys all the negativity in your love life and fulfills your life with a lot of positive energies. This spell is used if your partner is cheating you.

How to cast a break up spell on a couple

As a lover, you can find how to cast a break up spell on a couple if any couple is the enemy of yours. We know that many clients hesitate to share their love problems with us due to privacy but we ensure you that we keep your all details and information personal as well as secret.

We will be glad to help in overcoming your problems such as how to cast a break up spell on a couple. Love relationship issues are not negligible things so; you have to solve them by mantras or spells. Our spells have no side effects or no any negativity so meet us now.

Best break up spell caster

You search for best break up spell caster ends here with Love Astrologer India. Just tell us about the couple whose relationship you want to destroy by the way of break up or any other method and we will complete your wish. Spell caster mantra from our astrologers offers you the unique solution and by using it, you can break the relationship of anyone.

With the use of best break up spell caster at LoveAstrologerIndia.com, you can hurt the heart of any couple by creating hatred between boy and girl of a couple. Avoid unnecessary activities to do these tasks. Just contact to us and we will break the couple relationship without creating any problem.



  1. I wish so so strongly to break up Mike Lenning II age 36 and his girlfriend Caitlin grace Plumlee, age 19. She was 18 when he started cheating on me with her. She was in high school. Me and Mike have been together since 1998. She was too. I’m sure you understand how awful this situation is. Me and Mike have lived with one another since the year 2000. We have two children, two boys. They are 10 and 13. They’re awesome. No our life wasn’t perfect, but it was our life. Our family. Mike has always treated me well, but I love that man with all my heart. We still speak everyday. He still loves me, he tells me he was having fun. He threw me out though. Moved her in he’s so nice to her. Respect her I guess you’d say that. In every way other than still loving me and filling me full of hope. I hate her. She’s a child and she took my life. She so disrespectful she is trash. Any high school girl that would have sex with almost 40 year old man is a is s***. I know what it says about him. He going through some kind of life issue. It’s not okay. I’m so mad at him, but he’s my heart. I want him I love him I need him. I did nothing wrong. Why do I lose what I want. I’ve never done anything to that girl she has a restraining order on me if Im gone from my home she filed felony burglary charges on me because I went and got my Christmas ornaments and she played a victim I went to jail never have before it’s just awful she took the hand away from my kids on Christmas Halloween Thanksgiving. My kids don’t have their dad they don’t have their room they don’t have their dog we lost everything over an 18 year old s***. I just need him back and I will fix my family. He is back to me don’t let me adapt. He’s back and forth I know he loves me but of course is 18 19 year old is fun I am NOT 19 I have adult things to do I can’t entertain him as she does but he wants his mama he loves me. Please bring my baby back to me please! I miss him his boys miss him and he misses us. It’s a hard situation, it’s stupid, it’s not fair, he’s a jerk, but he’s my jerk and I want him back immediately. I want Caitlyn gone out of his life I want him to hate her and I what it to happen quick. I don’t want her to ever come back. I want her to do something so stupid that he hates her that he feels something just awful for her more than I’ve ever felt for me. I want him to come running back to me and feel ignorant like he is. Please bring Mike and Caitlin up as soon as you possibly can my boys need their dad I need to be ok please please take this seriously I need your help I’m losing my mind my sister just died I’ve been in the hospital over this the girl has got to go Caitlin has got to go forever please help please thank you

  2. Hi Tammy,

    We understand your problem and it happens a lot these days when a committed man fall for a young girl. Spells to cause a breakup can be used to remove that girl from his life. You can call us on 919782043217 to get the instant solution.

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